Subscriptions will be annual, starting at any time throughout the year. Once a subscription starts, patrons will be welcome to borrow as many books as they want. Members who visit The Book House will be welcome to carry away as many books as they please for the 8 week loan period.

Long distance members may also borrow as much as they want. The cost of postage (including a return satchel) is $40 per 5kg, anywhere in Mainland Australia. This can be paid as required and is in addition to the subscription fee. The loan period for postal members is 10 weeks. As a guide, 5kg is about 35 picture books/paperbacks. Members will be given password access to the online catalogue to reserve their selections. I am happy to make recommendations for your particular family as well.

The annual cost per family household is $120. Payment is by direct deposit. 

Families must apply and be approved before a subscription will commence.

As part of the membership application, there is a set of policies which members commit to. These will be made available to prospective patrons. To learn more, please fill in the form below.

Photos by Scout's Honour

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