If you can sign up to the following, then we welcome you to apply for membership at The Book House.

This is all best said up front, before a subscription starts. That way, the expectations are transparent and misunderstandings can be avoided as much as possible. These guidelines are to help sustain The Book House as a good thing for a long time.

Library hours

Currently, TBH is open by appointment an afternoon during the week.

We will advertise our open hours on social media. It is worth checking one of our social media accounts before you visit (in case of a last minute emergency).

Borrowing and returns need to happen in that time as much as possible. Appointments can be made in exceptional cases.  

We cannot make special arrangements to deliver books to people or bring books to home-ed meet ups.

The opening hours will be adjusted as we get a sense of the time required for people to come and go. Seasons will also have an impact on opening hours.

Loan period

Since many people will want to read a book across a term, the loan period will be 8 weeks. Books may be renewed only if there has not been a reservation made on that item.

Postal members will have a 10 week loan period to allow for transit.

Loan period on some items can be shortened at our discretion.

Members are welcome to come as frequently as they like during the open hours.

What to expect when you are at The Book House

Our Non-fiction books will eventually be shelved in a Dewey decimal system. Fiction will be shelved alphabetically according to author surname. Our titles will be listed in an online catalogue. Members will be given password access to this catalogue when their subscription starts. This will be how information about books will be found, as well as the patron’s own borrowing status.

During library open hours we will not be an open house play venue. This is because our family will be busy assisting several families find, borrow and pack books.

Parents are responsible to supervise their own children during open hours when on our property. There are waterways, animals, electric fences and bushland. Visitors enter our property at their own risk. With these things in mind, visiting children need to stay in the house yard (that is, not wander into the paddocks).

Please do not go into bedrooms.

The Book House is a device free zone during open hours. We don’t want anyone to be distracted from the wonderful bookish treasure they could find!

Please help your children keep physically “busy” play outside (there will be a lot of bodies coming and going). Children are very welcome to look for their own books. We ask that parents help their children learn to handle the books gently.

Also be careful to not bring unnecessary items into The Book House, as we have limited space for lost property.

There will be a returns box on our verandah for people returning books out of usual hours.


Membership is paid annually via direct deposit.

The fee for membership is $120 per household/family.

Long distance members will pay the subscription fee as well as postage (including a prepaid return satchel) of $40 per 5 kg. Postage can be paid as required. TBH will post as often as requested, to anywhere in mainland Australia.

Each family will be given a crate to use in transportation. The crate remains the property of The Book House. We expect usual wear and tear, but please keep them clean. Broken crates will cost $20.

Memberships may not be shared between multiple families.

Membership is non-refundable.

There is a three month probation period from when a subscription commences. The Book House reserves the right to withdraw membership within the first 90 days. In this instance, membership will still be non-refundable.

There is a replacement fee if a book cannot be found within 2 weeks of the due date. The replacement fee for each book is listed on the catalogue. Should a book need replacement, we will source the book ourselves, but the fee must be covered by the patron.

Significant damage incurs a $5 repair fee.

Three infractions (book loss, damage or late returns) will result in the end of a subscription, without refund.

Book Care

We are so glad to share our books; your help in caring for our books will mean other people are able to read them too.

Please watch our video on how to handle our books (this will be available soon).

As we are inviting members to use as many books as they like, we will only allow books to leave our house in a crate. This is to protect the books.

Please don’t use books near water, food or drinks.

If there is a problem, please get in touch. We do understand that unfortunate things happen.

Text message is the best way to reach Cathy (number will be given to members).

On Choosing Books

While it will be our joy to help you find books, it is your responsibility as a parent to preview the content to make sure it is appropriate for your particular child. The presence of a book in our library doesn’t mean we agree with everything in it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We really hope The Book House is a great fit for your family.

Warmly, Cathy McKay

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