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Parent Culture Australia is a place to connect with other people who are considering the philosophy and methods of 19th Century British educator, Charlotte Mason. The activity is happening in the Parent Culture Facebook group.



Please join us at The Book House for breakfast, lunch, dinner & espresso while we hear from Nicole Williams, Liz Cottrill and Emily Kiser from ‘A Delectable Education” podcast.

Emily, Liz and Nicole will join us to explore the distinctive elements of the Charlotte Mason Method, a philosophy rooted in our created identity as persons. We will spend time considering how to implement her natural method in our individual families. Much of our time will be devoted to the unique role of the teacher in this method as we learn how to practice masterly inactivity--what that wise and purposeful letting alone means, and what it doesn't.

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"...we are unable to perceive that wise and purposeful letting alone is the best part of education." (Charlotte Mason 3/28)

7:30am Welcome and breakfast

8:00-9:30am Emily Kiser Charlotte Mason's Method: Wise and Purposeful Letting Alone (90min)   

9:30-11am Liz Cottrill Masterly Inactivity and Living Books. What does masterly inactivity look and sound like, with a book open? (90min)  //morning tea

11:00am-12:30pm Nicole Williams Masterly Inactivity in Nature Study. Nature Walks and Object Lessons: Our role as guide rather than teacher. (90min) 

12:30pm {lunch}

1:30pm-3pm Nicole Williams Nature Notebooks Workshop (90min) 

{afternoon tea}

{Nature walk on McKay farm or local National Park, working on nature notebooks, brush drawing, reading (we are at The Book House, after all!), have a nap on the verandah}

6:00pm {Dinner on the deck}

8pm-9:30pm Q&A with Emily and Liz 

$100 pp or $150 for a couple in-house event [SOLD OUT]

All meals included

Live stream participation will be available for $40 [SOLD OUT]

Included in both options is access to the video recordings of the sessions. Watch live and later!

Nursing babies are welcome, but there will be no provision for childcare. This is a day for the mums and dads to up-skill and re-calibrate together for the wonderful work of raising and educating our children.

If you would like to be a part of the in-house event or live stream, please indicate your interest in the form below.

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*Refund policy: Due to the limited places, a refund is available only in the case of an emergency cancellation. Should the event need to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances for our venue or speakers, the fee will be refunded in full, or credited toward a postponed event.

**The venue is a farm and family home, as well as a library. As with anywhere, visitors come at their own risk.